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Culligan Filtration Systems

Culligan offers a wide range of technologies, products and services to meet the water quality and quantity needs of our customers with high purity water applications.

Culligan Filter -- Commercial Water Treatment Solutions for Montana, Wyoming and ColoradoFiltration is the process of removing turbidity from water, both coarse as well as colloidal, adsorbing undesired odors, taste and colors and organic pollutants, eliminating iron, chlorine, manganese, arsenic and other heavy or neutralizing the water acidity. These results can be achieved with a proper filtration treatment system that in many cases is preceded by pre-oxidation and chemical conditioning equipment. Filtration makes it possible to remove ammonia by means of nitrification.

Simple in appearance, filtration is in reality a sophisticated water treatment process. It does not always correlate to precise chemical reactions but, in many instances, it is connected to mechanical and biological reactions, not always easily explainable.

Our commercial Hi-Flo® 22 and Hi-Flo® 42 line filter vessels are manufactured in FRP fiberglass, with internal protection achieved with a non-toxic polyethylene liner. Our industrial filters are entirely manufactured in our Culligan plants. The vessels are made of steel and are protected by anti-corrosion coatings, a heavy layer of food-grade epoxy resin on the inside, and synthetic paint on the outside. On the industrial filters, the automatic cycles of service and backwash are regulated by a group of diaphragm hydraulic valves driven by a pilot valve that, in turn, is controlled by an electronic logic programmer.

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Commercial Water Filters and Water Treatment Solutions for Missoula, Montana; Cheyenne, Wyoming;
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